What is a licensed practical nurse(LPN)?

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is a nurse who carries out routine medical duties such as feeding patients and monitoring vital signs. They are also in charge of preserving effective channels of communication between the patient, their relatives, and the caretakers. Doctors and registered nurses (RNs) supervise LPNs at work.

Providing patients with basic medical care is the role of LPNs. They serve as a direct conduit for information between a patient, their family, their physician, and other healthcare professionals. The healthcare team has to continue communicating clearly with one another. They also assist the relatives of a patient in understanding routine procedures. They teach people how to care for their loved ones in the most effective way.

What does a licensed practical nurse do?

  • Monitoring Patient’s Health: This covers duties including taking a patient’s blood pressure and other critical indicators.
  • Provide Fundamental Medical Care: This covers things like putting in catheters and changing dressings.
  • Assist with Basic Comfort Care: Activities including bathing, dressing, and feeding patients fall under this category.
  • Maintaining Records: Each patient’s medical history must be meticulously documented by LPNs.
  • Reporting: LPNs are in charge of informing physicians and other healthcare professionals about a patient’s condition.
  • Communication: Concerns expressed by patients need to be heard by LPNs. The patient’s family must be consulted regarding the care they are giving.

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