What Are Personal Care Assistant (PCA)?

Services provided by Personal Care Assistants (PCAs), a non-medical form of home care, enable individuals with disabilities of any age to live independently at home and at work and to participate in their communities. A personal care attendant is a type of personal support worker who works under the supervision of an authorized representative or an older adult with a handicap.

Planning, preparing, and shopping for groceries are important aspects of a Personal Care Assistant’s work. For all individuals, a steady and nourishing diet is necessary. It follows that the Personal Care Aide needs to be well-versed in healthy meal planning and knowledgeable about any dietary requirements or condition-specific details that may influence a person’s eating habits.

Covered Services for PCA


Including the application of clothing and special appliances or wraps.


Including basic hair care, oral care, shaving, basic nail care and hearing aids.


help for the bath. This Includes basic personal hygiene and skincare.


Completing the process of eating, including hand washing and feeding.


Including assistance to transfer the person from one seating or reclining area to another.


Including assistance with ambulation, including use of a wheelchair.


Assistance with positioning or turning a person for necessary care and comfort.


Including helping persons with bowel or bladder elimination and care.

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