Medical Social Service

What Is Medical Social Service?

Medical social services include counseling for the patient and family, addressing social and emotional issues about the patient’s disease and care, and assisting the patient in accessing community resources to aid in their recovery.

The mission of Medical Social Services is to provide integrated, patient-centered, holistic care to patients, their families, and the community in order to promote the psychological and social welfare of Westerners. Our mission is to develop novel, affordable intervention programs and services that will assist patients and their families in managing the emotional, psycho-social, financial, and care issues that result from illness and catastrophic injuries.

Medical social workers collaborate closely with physicians, nurses, PTs, OTs, hospital managers, and other healthcare providers.

What Does a Medical Social Worker do?

The tasks and obligations of a medical social worker will differ slightly depending on their position, but generally speaking, their job description will include the following:

  • Collaborate closely with medical professionals, such as nurses and doctors.
  • Examine newly admitted patients to determine what the patients’ and their families’ needs are.
  • To ascertain the patient’s level of mental and emotional stress, evaluate their social and psychological state.
  • Educate patients and their families on potential treatments and the state of their sickness.
  • Help patients who are in distress, as well as their relatives.

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