What Is Nursing Service?

The nursing service is a component of the overall health organization that strives to meet the community’s and patients’ nursing needs. at order to provide a comprehensive program of patient care at the hospital, nurses collaborate with members of allied disciplines such as dietetics, medical social services, pharmacy, etc.

Nursing was once thought of as a caring profession; it was both an art and a vocation. Nursing care is now regarded as a scientific profession and is defined as the patient’s care in relation to nursing needs.6 With the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of medical sciences expanding, nursing care is getting more and more complex due to its management services.

A well-organized, methodical approach to nursing care that places a high priority on patient assessment and management is the foundation of any good nursing.

What Does a Nurses do?

A licensed professional, a nurse is authorized to provide nursing care while working under a physician’s supervision. They are capable of carrying out nursing assessments, putting nursing interventions into practice, and carrying out nursing chores as directed by the doctor.

  • Range-of-motion exercises, either passive or active.
  • Exchanges.
  • Careful placement and turning.
  • Keeping track of the patient’s vitals.
  • Ostomy care.
  • The patient’s weight measurement.
  • Measuring both output and intake.
  • Scrubbing down the patient’s equipment.
  • Recording regular observations and actions related to the patient.
  • Delivering weekly reports.

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