Speech Language Therapy

What Is Speech Language Therapy?

Treatment for improving your ability to speak and use other language skills is called speech therapy. It facilitates communication between you and other people as well as helps you communicate your ideas. It can also enhance cognitive abilities like problem-solving and remembering.

Both adults and children can enhance their language and communication abilities with the aid of speech therapy. Speech therapy can enhance your quality of life regardless of the issue influencing your speech or communication skills. If talking, hearing, or utilizing language is difficult for you or your child, ask a healthcare professional about a speech therapy evaluation.

What activities are done in speech therapy?

Play activities like board games with a linguistic focus or sequencing exercises are frequently incorporated into speech therapy for kids.

Adult speech therapy typically focuses on enhancing certain skill sets, such as the coordination between the lips and brain.

Some examples of speech therapy activities include:

  • Tongue and mouth exercises: You will learn mouth and tongue strengthening exercises and motions from your speech therapist. Your tongue can be trained to move in coordinated patterns with these exercises.
  • Facial movements: Your ability to control your facial expression can help you get better at motor skills. Your therapist may ask you to pucker your lips or grin before telling you to relax.
  • Reading out loud: Reading aloud can improve the communication between your mouth and brain if your speech impairment inhibits you from using your tongue and mouth in the correct ways.
  • Playing word games: Memory games, word searches, and crossword puzzles have all been demonstrated in studies to preserve cognitive function and enhance thinking abilities.