What Is A Home Health Registered Nurse(RN)?

RNs evaluate patients’ ailments, give prescriptions, carry out medical treatments, and work with other medical specialists to create and carry out individualized care plans for each patient. Apart from delivering immediate medical attention, they also instruct patients and their relatives on the proper management of their ailments.

Their proactive approach to caring focuses on prevention and health promotion in addition to attending to urgent medical issues. RNs assist patients prevent complications and maintain their independence and health by identifying potential risks and putting plans in place to manage them.

Duties of a Registered Nurse

  • Observing and evaluating patients, including taking their vital signs.
  • Keeping track of a patient’s symptoms and medical history as needed.
  • Collaborating to develop a patient care plan in conjunction with the larger medical team.
  • Carrying out the recommended medical procedures and drug regimens.
  • Taking care of wounds.
  • Obtaining samples of blood, urine, etc. for scientific purposes.
  • Teaching patients—as well as any necessary family members—how to take care of an injury, ailment, or disease.
  • Create a care plan that is specific to the patient’s needs.
  • Tracking the recovery or mobilization process.
  • Assessment of treatment-related reactions.

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